Built from aircraft grade aluminum with a powder coat finish, no moving parts and virtually unbreakable. Only available in black. Includes stainless steel mounting hardware.  If we look at the cause of low speed wandering, the low velocity of the water flowing over the drive makes the drive as a rudder ineffective at low speeds. The Wander Fin puts the rudder behind the propeller to effectively direct the thrust created by the propeller.

Now you can enjoy the no wake zone or a leisure drive down the river without having to make constant steering corrections, enjoy the scenery instead of calculating your next correction.  Great for trolling, you can fish instead of steering the boat constantly.

The Wander Fin 2 twin fin design is for boats of any size and designed to correct the big boats and high current environments. Running slow into a strong oncoming current makes a wandering boat even more difficult to handle, the Wander Fin 2 will greatly reduce or completely eliminate the wander in the worst conditions. Made in the USA, patent pending.


Wanderfin guarantees your satisfaction  totally risk free! Try it out and if you are not completely satisfied return it within 30 days for a full refund!

Installation Video 


-Slide the Wander fin assembly as far forward on your drive as possible, making sure the Fin is (FLAT) on the cavitation plate. The top Fin plate should not be touching the tapered center of the drive housing.

-The Wander Fin can be mounted on top or under the cavitation plate.

-Clamp the top plate leading edge of the rudder fin assembly with medium pressure (so it can be tapped back and forth) on both sides (use card board under the clamps to avoid scratching)
-Measure both sides from the bolt holes to the center piece of the lower unit. Measurements should be equal on both sides. It is very important the Fin is mounted straight. (square to the prop shaft)
-Drill one of the forward holes and install the bolt and tighten slightly. Recheck measurements.  ( if your rams are in the way of drilling the forward holes, drill both rear holes and remove the Fin and bolt it under the cavitation plate for drilling the forward holes, After all holes are drilled move it back on top.) 
Washers go under the nuts. The nuts go on top of the Fin. 
-Bravo & Alpha drives, install spacer between the cavitation plate and Wander fin assembly for each bolt. The spacers do not have to align with the holes for drilling, for final installation bolts will go through the spacers.


Bravo II drives, install 2 spacers between the cavitation plate and Super fin assembly for each bolt. The spacers do not have to align with the holes for drilling, for final installation bolts will go through the spacers.  

It is normal to have to draw the Fin plate to the cavitation plate. 

 If you have any questions on installation or comments please call.

Cell: 916 965-3143916 947-8202

Your satisfaction is important to me, please email feedback on fit, finish and the performance of your wanderfin.

Our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog. 


Photos & Customers testimonials









Just a quick note to let you know what a great product you have developed. I have a 2001 Rinker 270 cruiser with a single Bravo 2 Mercruiser that has always been a problem at low speed and when backing up. The dual wanderfin has cured 95% of the problems. It will now follow a straight line at idle speed and responds twice as fast to reverse steering. Worth every penny of the price. Installation took less than 30 minutes.
Bob Fauth
I installed your "WanderFin" and it works great.  Wander at slow speed is significantly reduced; time to plane seems to be a little quicker; and as far as I can tell, there's no reduction in top speed. I've taken a few pictures of the WanderFin on my lower unit, which you may use as you please.
You'll notice in one of the pictures that I evidently hit something that scraped off a significant amount of coating off the outside of the right fin.  Please tell me what to use to repair this damage.
Thank you, Bill Davis


I stumbled across the "Wander Fin" at http://www.wanderfin.com by pure accident but after spending over 2hrs yesterday giving it a tried and trued test, I'm here to tell you the thing flat freakin works and it works well!!! The Trophy 2352 has really bad "bow wander". At no wake zone speeds it flat out sucks to drive. The Wander Fin cost me $201 shipped and took about 30min to install and is worth every penny. I was concerned it would have an impact on top speed but it had none at all. I have absolutely no relation of any kind with the manufacture other than I talked to Sam, the owner, on the phone when I ordered it. It's made of Aluminum and is a very nice quality piece. After having used this boat without and with the fin I would NEVER want to be without it. In and around the dock it gives you significantly better steering. Even in neutral it steers very well where as before it didn't. It's made a believer out of me for sure.

All I can say is unbelievable! The Wander Fin twin fin absolutely solved my problem! If you need any customer reference, send them to me. I would be happy to let them know how great this product works. When I was waiting in line at the boat launch today, the boater behind me asked why what it was for. When I explained it to him, he said that he has the same problem with his Rinker boat. I gave him your web site, and he said that he was definitely going to check it out. Thanks I again. I know that I will have an enjoyable boating season this year thanks to your product.



For me the Twin Fin is a no brainier on my boat. It will allow me to relax more at the helm in slow speed situations, will allow my admiral to steer the boat just as she steers her car, without frustration or having to overcome the boats tendency to go its own way and wander off course. Then when I want to speed up and get on plane there are no performance penalties associated with the Twin Fin.

I was able to detect no performance penalties in speed, maneuverability or efficiently(mpg) when using the fin as compared to not using it. 

Greg. 2000 Bayliner 2859


In the 20 min no wake zone there was no wander. It's better than my friends DuoProp. At another marina I went to visit a friend. I went down his narrow channel past his slip. An easy U turn in the breeze that was always a Y turn in the past. At the guest dock the low speed handling was a bigger benefit than the minor issue wandering. 

Even though this product is being promoted to improve low speed wandering. I think its the more subtle issues that will be appreciated more.

 Carl. Bayliner 2452


I honestly gave this thing a serious test. I went out of my way to find situations it would faulter in. Not because I wanted to find fault but atleast I would know it's limitations if it had any. After 2hrs of testing I can honestly say I found none.

I can't say that it took 100% of the bow wander out but I would say it easily took 95% + out and that is such a huge improvement over what it was it feels like 100%.

Now anyone on board can drive this boat with no worries. Where as before NOBODY wanted to drive going thru the no wake zone.

Again, it has been the best money we ever spent on an aftermarket boat related item. My dad is thrilled and has/had no complaints about the price.

Bryan - 23 Trophy


Well my first supefin II on my 2858 broke after 3/4 of a season I knew right away because the drunken skipper a.k.a. bow wander returned with vengence. Sure enough upon inspection the rudder fins broke off clean right at the welds. I contacted doug at superfin marine and he said that they had had some problems with the welding and he would send me the improved (Wander fin) version out no charge. With in a few days i recieved the new version of the Wander fin, Wow what an improvment, it now has a larger mounting plate that had a dihedral bend to provide lift to the stern and shaped rudder fins that move the leading edge away from the prop. So after 15 min of standing on my head kneeling on the swim platform dodging stray wakes i removed the original and installed the new fin. 

The comparison :
No fin; bow wander rampant at no wake speed, on plane 4000 rpm almost wot and 3500 comming off plane

The old version; little to no stern lift ,no bow wander at any speed , great docking control even in reverse, on plane 4000 rpm almost wot and 3500 comming off plane 

The new version; 2 inches of stern lift, still no bow wander at any speed, even better docking controll in reverse on plane 3000 rpm just out of the secondary circuit of the carb 2500 comming off plane huge improvment even over the original design. 

Great job Wander fin team this product is make driving my boat fun again!!!!
and great customer care thanks Rob, bayliner 2858 fb 460 omc king cobra p.s. i recieved no compensation for this post and do not work for Wander fin just wanted people to know about this product.


I would never even think about taking my 2455 out again without a Wander fin. The difference is absolutely night and day. Bow wander is completely gone, and docking is now a pleasure instead of a crap shoot.


1988 2455 Sunbridge OMC 5.7L


The Wander fin II is two large rudders directly behind the prop consentrating the thrust in one direction at any speed. The advantage is very obvious. At the first turn of the steering wheel you know it's working. My buddy took the helm for a moment while I retreved the dock bumpers. He said "OH Ya It works" without prompting. With the enlarged cavplate the drive trim is more sensitive there is no delay waiting for responce, it makes fine tuning the drive angle easier to feel.

I have yet to find the down side but I'm still trying

I wish you could try one some time I think it would make a believer out of you.



had the Wander fin II on my 2655 I sold, loved it - I'll purchase another one for the "next boat" 

1989 Ciera 2655 - 7.5 L OMC


 My dad bought a 2004 Trophy 2352 I/O late last summer. It's a great mid sized fishing boat but that thing wanders pretty bad at slow speed such as traveling thru a no wake zone. It makes it miserable to steer at slow speeds. 

Well, it did till I stumbled across the Superfinmarine.com site. I talked to the owner on the phone and he assured me it would take nearly all of that wander out of my dad's boat or he would give me my money back no questions asked. Yesterday I spent about 2hrs running my dad's boat in every variety or situation I could think of and this Super Fin thing works freakin awesome. Before, at slow speed you had to be up on the wheel and you sawed the wheel back and forth just trying to hold the boat sorta kinda straight and if anyone was following behind you they thought you were drunk. Now, it goes straight with minimal wheel input. Maneuvering around the dock is hugely improved. In fact, I was shocked at how well it would steer when it was in neautral and barely moving. Like I said I spend little over 2hrs running it thru different situations and could find no issues. I thought maybe there would be some loss of speed at WOT. There was none. Thought maybe it would feel over sensative to wheel input at higher speeds. It didn't. It was as stable as ever.

It takes about 30min to install and is a very nice quality piece.

My personal boat has no wander at all but I know there are those that are like my dad's Trophy and wander miserably. If you have a boat that wanders at all I would highly recommend this fin because it worked wonders on my dad's boat.


I installed a Wander fin on mine this spring and it made cruising at hull speeds actually enjoyable. I would say that it cured 80% of the wander. Well worth the cost

 I installed a Wanderfin w/ twin blades on my 2655, best thing I ever did, not only took the wander out but made docking easier too. better responce backing. highly recommend


I am at an age where scepticism is more or less natural. When I ordered your product I had some doubts. I installed the Wanderfin yesterday, a relatively easy process, and tried it out last evening. I am totally satisfied with it. It does exactly what it is supposed to do. In addition the boat gets up to plane quicker and it has reduced my lowest planing speed by 300 rpm. A great product.

Thank you,
The Quick Shopping Cart Team